House Rules



(December 2014)

 To help us all enjoy this lovely setting, and to live together harmoniously, please take note of the following:


  • Refuse & recycling collection: refuse collection is from 7.00am each weekday morning and on Saturday mornings, but not on a Sunday morning or bank holidays. The recycling bags, issued by Richmond Council, are collected on a Tuesday and Friday mornings from 7.00am.
  • Mail is delivered daily to all flats. If you are expecting parcels to be delivered, please inform the Head Porter. If you are going to be away, please inform the Head Porter so that parcels are not left by your front door. If you ask the Head Porter to sign on your behalf, this remains your responsibility and not the Head Porter’s.
  • Window cleaner: a contracted window cleaner is on site on a regular basis. Residents are responsible for cleaning their flat windows (in and outside). If you wish to employ them on a private basis, please contact the Head Porter for details.
  • The Porter: the Head Porter has many duties and is not always in his office in the lobby. You can leave him a message in the book on the desk outside his office, which is checked regularly. Alternatively, you can email him on or on his phone by text on 07774213973.   A porter is available from 7.00am until 3.30pm on weekdays, and from 7.00am until noon on Saturdays (but not bank holidays).
  • Spare Keys: you can leave a spare set of keys with the Head Porter. These must be signed in and out by the Head Porter and yourself, or the person you have authorized to use them.
  • Next of Kin details: if you wish, these details can be kept by the Head Porter. They are held on a computer file, which is security protected.
  • Garden Chairs: these can be stored in the cupboards by each garden door and are stored at your own risk. Only chairs marked ‘Thames Eyot’ are for communal use.
  • Bicycles: there is a locked store at the end of the row of garages where you can keep your bicycles. Please make sure you keep the area clean and tidy, and lock the door on leaving. Bicycles are left at your own risk, and it is helpful if you leave your mobile/flat number on the bike.
  • Central Heating & Hot Water: communalcentral heating is normally turned on at the beginning of October and turned off at the beginning of May. Hot water is available throughout the year.
  • Car washing: there is a tap by garage no 28 which residents can use to wash their cars.



The Lease expressly forbids the following:

  • The keeping of pets.
  • Hanging washing, or anything else such as notices, on the outside of walls, doors, or windows of flats.
  • Music or other `mechanical instrument’ to be played after 11pm and before 8am.
  • Leaving anything except rubbish containers in the communal areas.


House Rules:

  • Smoking: this is prohibited in all internal communal areas. Smoking is permitted in the gardens and outside areas, but please respect other residents, and particularly when standing near to external doors and windows. Please make your guests aware of this.
  • Rubbish collection: rubbish must be placed outside your flat after 9.30pm and before 7.00am and not at all on Sundays or Bank Holidays. If you wish to dispose of your rubbish at any other time, bins are available in the passage to the boiler house, next to the lift on the bottom floor. Disposal of large items is the resident’s responsibility e.g. household items or builders’ waste and not the porter’s responsibility;and should not be left in communal areas.
  • Recycling: the recycling bags must be placed outside your flat front door after 9.30pm and before 7.00am for collection on Tuesday and Friday mornings only. Please put these out for collection on a weekly basis so that they are not overflowing, or difficult to sort. Most residents are now recycling, and we encourage all flats to do this and not to put items that can be recycled in their rubbish. Please make sure you empty any liquids or food from containers.
  • Fire Safety: you must abide by the fire regulations and are strongly advised to install smoke detectors, a domestic fire extinguisher, and fire blanket. Fire escape doors are clearly marked at the end of each corridor, and extinguishers are prominently situated on the landings.
  • Security: please ensure that you close the front, garden and other exterior doors, and that any contractors you employ do the same. Do not admit casual visitors.
  • Communal Areas: items for sale or being given away free must not be left in the lobby or any other communal area. Small items such as magazines can be left on the lobby table, but please try not to clutter this area. Notices about sale items can be put on the lobby noticeboard. Bicycles must not be left in the corridors or other communal areas.
  • Energy Conservation: the cost of our communal central heating is very high and this is reflected in the service charge paid by leaseholders or in rent. We all need to conserve energy by using the thermostats on our flat radiators, and by turning off or down radiators at night or when not resident. Please ensure you open fully the thermostatic radiator valves to prevent them from jamming during the summer when the central heating is off.
  • Noise: please show respect for other residents by keeping noise levels to a minimum, and particularly from music, radios, and TV. Noisy household appliances, e.g. washing machines can often be heard by flats near you, so please do not use them after 10pm or before 7 am. DIY/building work can also be very noisy, so please try to avoid this work taking place before 8am or after 5pm on weekdays, and confined to 9am to 4pm on Saturdays and 9-12 noon on Sundays. Corridors are for walking in, so please do not run in them or shout, or slam shut your front doors.
  • Car Parking: parking is only permitted in the marked spaces for residents with a parking permit, and please respect the disabled parking area. Please make sure you do not park in a way that obstructs the manhole cover which is the filling point for the oil fuel. Cars not showing a valid Thames Eyot parking permit are liable to be issued with a penalty notice.
  • Gardens: these are for the use and enjoyment of all residents and their guests as pleasure gardens, but please abide by the requirements of the lease (see above). Please do not leave out food on the lawns or other outside areas for birds as this attracts rodents, Canada geese and foxes.