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Stony Steppers YouTube Channel



Stony Steppers Dancing at Holmfirth Folk Festival 2012


Stony Steppers With Friends On Main Stage Shrewsbury 2011

Stony Steppers, Main Stage Shrewsbury with Hannah

Stony Steppers, Main Stage at Shrewsbury, Dancing Linda's Jig and Slip Jig

Layering Rhythms

 Sam Sherry Reel

Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2011

 Liverpool Hornpipe

Sam Sherry Jig

Sam Sherry Waltz

 Ednie Wilson's Slip Jig

Marley Skipping Waltz

Linda's Jig

Toby's Westmorland

Gerald's Westmorland

 Westmorland Reel and Westmorland Rag

One World Club @ StonyLive 2010


Marley Buck & Wing at Hitchin Ceilidh