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Wallop, the clog-dancing horse from Lancashire


 Strange things have come out of Lancashire. Who knows what lies deep within the Forest of Bowland? A recent expedition heard mysterious tapping sounds in the woods, and saw intricate patterns, like hoof-prints, on the ground.

One explorer swears he heard music -- "something like an old-fashioned waltz", he said. Could this be evidence of the truth of an ancient legend? For generations, people have told tales around the fireside about a dancing horse . . . is this proof that Wallop, the clog-dancing horse from Lancashire, really exists?

Clogfest 2007 Sam Sherry's Waltz

This is the traditional finale of the Clogfest showcase. In a tribute to Sam Sherry (1912 - 2001), dancers perform his party piece, the "easy" waltz. His "advanced" waltz can be danced to the same tune; you might even catch a glimpse of this . . . .