Village Sign - an explanation

St Leonards Church. - The southern ‘Minster’ (Sud Munstra) of Saint Cedds Diocese based at St Peters on the Wall Bradwell.

The Maltings. - The Brewing industry, a trade based on corn farming which was for many years a major employer.  

Horses. - Southminster was the centre of part of London’s horse trade marketing. The Railway Hotel was used at later times for auctions. Originally the horses were driven to Southminster from East Anglia for sale.


Sheep. - Sheep farming was based upon the Wick – sheep farms that were dotted all over the Dengie Hundred which Southminster had many. West Wick, East Wick etc.


Sheaves. - The arable corn trade that supplied corn to the maltings and bakery trade.


The Village Pump. - Erected and installed in 18xx in Southminster at the junction of Goldsands Road and Hall Road by Charter House of London, who were major land owners at the time. The pump guaranteed fresh water for the first time and reduced Southminster’s reliance on the many wells located in and around Southminster.


Railway Track with Buffers. - To register the importance of the Southminster to Liverpool Street line being installed in 1888 to cater for the needs of London for grain, wool and horses.

The railway was one of the largest employers in the area with a major marshalling yard at the station.


Councillor Brian Beale