Please also read the 'Your Safety' advice on this website.


Two weeks before the walk, check that your chosen venue is expecting you and will be open half an hour before the walk is due to start.

➢ 10.00 a.m. for all walks except Green

➢ 10.15 a.m. for Green walks

If the walk is significantly longer than the usual Monday walk, advise the venue of your later expected arrival time.

Please do not expect walkers to maintain a faster pace in order to keep to the two hour deadline. You will need a back-marker who also knows the route, and could take over from you if necessary. Please introduce this person to the group. (For groups of more than 30 people, a middle marker is also advisable.) 

With your back-marker, please recce your walk in the two weeks before you are due to lead your group, in case any changes have occurred. 

If there is any useful information regarding the walk, please let the group know in advance by email sent via the Rothsay Ramblers' secretary.

Coordinators can also put this information up on the website. Useful information might include:

➢ the walk being longer than advertised

➢ stiles

➢ steep climbs

➢ slippy conditions where using a walking pole is advisable

➢ points of interest Importantly,

Having this information will help walkers decide whether or not the walk is suitable for them and to enjoy the walks they join.


Leaders and markers should have fully charged mobile phones and know each others' numbers.

Your backmarker should have a paper copy of a map (even if you are using a digital device or memory to navigate).

Pen and paper is useful in case of emergency. 

If your walk includes a long section of highway, HI-VIS jackets are needed for leader and back marker.

Count your walkers at the start and try to keep your group together.

Allow one or two stops on the way, for people to take a drink.

If possible, ask someone to record the walk. There are a number of people who do this regularly and the results are building our on-line walks library.


Though there are venues where this would not be an issue, most ask walkers who are not eating at the venue to park on the road and not in the venue car park.

Some venues like you to ring when you are 15 minutes away.