Revised Guidelines for Walk Leaders 2024


  • Please read the Your Safety advice on this website.
  • If you need help with choosing a route try our "Walks Library" page or if you would like any assistance contact our Web-Master (Neil Ratnett).
  • All walks start at 10.30 am and it is helpful to get to the start venue at 10.15am.
  • Please consider carrying out a recce of your walk close to the date of the walk – two weeks is the usual time - in case any changes have occurred
  • If there is any useful information regarding the walk, please let walkers know in advance by email via the Rothsay Ramblers' secretary and/or ask coordinators to put information up on the website. Useful information might include:

➢ the walk being longer than usual

➢ stiles

➢ steep climbs

➢ slippery conditions where using a walking pole is advisable

Having this information will help walkers decide whether or not the walk is suitable for them and to and to enjoy the walks they join.


  • Leaders should have fully charged mobile phones.
  • You should consider having a paper copy of a map (even if you are using a digital device or memory to navigate).
  • Please consider having pen and paper - in case of emergency.
  • Please consider downloading the app – This provides a user-friendly addressing system that assigns a unique three-word address to any location in the world, making it easier for users to navigate and communicate precise locations.
  • A back marker should be nominated at the start of each walk. They should also have a map
  • of the route. Where possible involve the back marker at the recce stage so that they are aware of the route in advance of the day
  • If your walk includes a section of road the latest guidance from the Highway Code should be followed –
  • keep to the right hand side of the road so that you can see oncoming traffic and walk in single file.
  • Cross the road well before a sharp right-hand bend so that oncoming traffic has a better chance of seeing you and, of course, there is a better chance of you seeing the traffic. Cross back after the bend.
  • Please do not expect walkers to maintain a faster pace in order to fit the walk into the usual duration.
  • Allow one or two stops on the way, for people to take a drink.
  • If possible, ask someone to record the walk. There are a number of people who do this
  • regularly and the results are building our on-line walks library.


  • Walks may be offered without a place to eat being booked for the group. Toilet facilities may
  • also not be available. This is caused by a lack of suitable start venues that are open on a Monday morning.