Revised Guidelines for Walk Leaders


Please read the 'Your Safety' advice on this website.

If you need help with choosing a route try our "Walks Library" page  or if you would like to make use of OS Digital Mapping contact our Web-Master (Trevor Banyard Smith). You must be logged in to your account to use these pages.

Walks start at 10.30 am for four and five mile walks and at 10.45 am for three mile walks. 

In order to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19:

  • do not walk if you may have symptoms of COVID-19 and ask members of your group at the start of the walk to confirm they do not have any symptoms
  • on the walk please ensure you and others in the group act in such a way as to allow other walkers and those you pass or meet adequate space
  • when approaching an obstacle (kissing gate, gate, stile etc.) please ensure that you and others in the group give the person in front sufficient time and space to clear it 
  • use hand sanitiser and a face covering as appropriate, especially if inside a hospitality venue
  • let the relevant walk coordinator know how many people come on a walk you lead and if anyone on the walk becomes unwell 

Please recce your walk in the two weeks before you are due to lead your group, in case any changes have occurred and to ensure your plans take account of any risks relating to COVID-19 e.g. risk of bunching up at pinch points. 

If there is any useful information regarding the walk, please let walkers know in advance by email via the Rothsay Ramblers' secretary and/or ask coordinators to put  information up on the website. Useful information might include:

➢ the walk being longer than usual

➢ stiles

➢ steep climbs

➢ slippy conditions where using a walking pole is advisable

➢ points of interest 

Having this information will help walkers decide whether or not the walk is suitable for them and to enjoy the walks they join.


Leaders  should have fully charged mobile phones.

You should have a paper copy of a map (even if you are using a digital device or memory to navigate).

Pen and paper is useful in case of emergency. 

If your walk includes a section of road the latest guidance from the Highway Code should be followed -

Keep to the right hand side of the road so that you can see oncoming traffic and walk in single file. Cross the road well before a sharp right-hand bend so that oncoming traffic has a better chance of seeing you and, of course, there is a better chance of you seeing the traffic. Cross back after the bend.

Please do not expect walkers to maintain a faster pace in order to fit the walk into the usual duration.

Allow one or two stops on the way, for people to take a drink.

If possible, ask someone to record the walk. There are a number of people who do this regularly and the results are building our on-line walks library.


Currently walks may be offered  without a place to eat being booked for the group. Toilet facilities may also not be available.