Meeting Dates for 2021 and 2022

 We meet on the last Tuesday of the month commencing at 7-45pm  

28th September 2021    Early Gramophones  - Phillip Strickland

26th October  2021       Kimbolton Coin Hoard  - Liz Davies of St Neots Museum 

30th November 2021    Joint Meeting with the Gardening Club

                                        Medieval Gardens  - Michael Brown 

 14th December 2021    A  Elizabethan Grammar School  - Mike Muncaster 

 25th  January 2022     After Walt  - The story of  Walt Disney -  Steve Dimmer 

 22nd February 2022   Katherine of Aragon from Spain to Huntingdon - Nora Butler

 29th March 2022        Stained Glass Windows  - Rev Stephen Day 

 26th April  2022         Bedfordshire and the Sailing  Navy -  Dr David Davies

 31st May 2022           Beside the seaside - a light hearted look at the History of the Victorians and 

                                     Edwardians at the seaside   -   Ann Wise