25th Sept 2018    Quacks Charlatans and Deadly Doctors                 Mike Muncaster

                             + AGM and Annual Subscriptions Due  

30th Oct   2018    The BBC and  Glen Miller in WW2  Bedford             David Fowler                            

27th Nov  2018      My Life as High Sheriff of Bedfordshire                 Colin Osborne                                                    

18th Dec 2018      Christmas Social  -  Away with the Cottingley 

                               Faries                                                                           Kevin Varty 

29th Jan 2019       'Amy wonderful Amy' The Story of Amy 

                                Johnson                                                                      Roy Smart

26th Feb 2019        John Newton - Slave Trader and Abologist            Andrew Rome                                   

26th Mar 2019        The Tudor Easter                                                      Martin Sirot-Smith

30th Apr 2019        Hornblower  Aubrey and Quinton                            Dr David Davies      

28th May 2019     '  I Wish I Had Said That'                                              Mike Stubbert



Our programme of lectures run from September to the following May and held on the last Tuesday of each month and  commence at 7-45 pm.   

No charge is made to members but a small charge of £3 is requested from non-members.

Publicity for these lectures is by way of posters throughout the village as well as the web-site.