26th Sept 2017    Animal Vegetable or  Mineral  + AGM   #                    Mike Stubbert                                                                                              ( # Annual Subscriptions Due)  

31st Oct   2017    A History of Bee Keeping                                            Mike Muncaster

28th Nov  2017      Calendar Origins                                                        Andrew Rome

19 th Dec 2017       Christmas Social  ' What Made Queen 

                                  Victoria Laugh '                                                         Kevin Varty 

30th Jan 2018        Parades and Fairs plus The story of

                                  Weetabix                                                                   Roger Drage 

27th Feb 2018       The Anglo Dutch Wars                                               Dr David Davies

27th Mar 2018        Shackleton's Forgotten Men                                     Debby  Horsman 

24th Apr 2018        A History of Church Towers                                      David Bond

29th May 2018      The History of the Harvest Festival

                                (In conjunction with the Gardening Club)               Andrew Sankey 


Our programme of lectures run from September to the following May and held on the last Tuesday of each month and  commence at 7-45 pm.   

No charge is made to members but a small charge of £3 is requested from non-members.

Publicity for these lectures is by way of posters throughout the village as well as the web-site.