Costume - first try-on

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2013 was the year that Churches in the North Tawton group put on their presentation of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoatin collaboration with members of the local communities and children from North Tawton School, who were the children's chorus.

After the climax of all that work, a couple of re-union get-gogethers, there was  "Oh! Adam and Eve!" in 2014. Then in 2015 there were two presentations.

The first presentation was based around the story of Nanny Knight - familiar to local folk for its annual weekend of celebrations. The second, was entitled Another Story Begins, and took several "songs from the shows" (four shows, to be precise) and asked what story they are telling. And then in 2017 there was an even more ambitious project:

It was a big success. So why stop there? Our fearless Director aimed for the hardest target yet, and persuaded the Troupers to stage

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Go to the News section and the Jesus Christ Superstar page for more information. For pictures of all our shows, check out the Gallery.

WHERE ARE WE UP TO NOW? "Superstar" was a big success, with people jostling one another in the Post Office for the last tickets! Huge thanks are due to a host of people. First and foremost Rita, for her direction; then Roger and Christine Cleverdon for the music without which an opera can't happen. Then set design and construction, lighting design and construction, sound and light operation on show nights, Front of House... Not forgetting the wonderful cast, adults and children. The list goes on.

2020 was a unique year, and not in a good way. 2021 has only gradually been better. The Troupers have been "stood down" - force majeure. But now, a small light can shine.

Revd. Nick Weldon has been a major encourager of the Troupers, and taken part in every production. Now, after ten years in post, he is moving on to pastures new. So the Troupers will come together to thank him, and to wish him well. on SUNDAY 12th SEPTEMBER 2021 at 4pm in St. Peter's Church they will gather. Rita will email everyone to invite them. There will be reminiscence, clips from the shows, food to share, and a presentation to make. Everyone is welcome, including family and friends. Make a date!

NOW IT'S 2024. What's happened since? Revd. David Spence has been welcomed as the new minister of the church. He has been welcomed, and his leasership is bearing fruit in increasing numbers of attenders. The Troupers had a low-key re-union evening. There is a desire to get back to staging something - but not yet. There will be a need for several new key people to fulfil direction and production roles. So really, it's "Watch this space!" time... and do have a word with David or Rita if you might fancy being one of the new key people.