King Charles Coronation - Shout Out for Volunteers Monday 8th May for Parish Council 'Big Help Out'

Volunteers Needed for 'Big Help Out' Litter Pick

The Parish Council agreed at its' meeting on 22nd February to recruit Noak Bridge Volunteers to support the King Charles Coronation 'Big Help Out' on Monday 8th May 2023 by holding a Litter Pick to clear up Noak Bridge

Many residents complain of the amount of litter that is dropped in Noak Bridge on a daily basis, from sweet wrappers to filling our ponds with tin cans and rubbish. This results in complaints to the Parish and Borough Councils and a needless drain on the Council Tax by having to spend additional money clearing litter

The Spring newsletter due out in March will also shout out for volunteers of all ages to come forward and participate by volunteering a couple of hours of their day to 'Clean Up Noak Bridge'

Basildon Council have offered the loan of High Viz Jerkins, Litter Picks and Gloves and to remove the rubbish collected

Anyone wishing to take part in this great opportunity offered by King Charles to volunteer their services during the Coronation weekend, please contact the Chairman Terri Sargent 

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