Parish Council Report - By Election 13 October 2022


A by-election had been called by ten members of the parish to fill one vacancy on the Parish Council. Two nominations were received by Basildon Council making it a contested election that took place on 13th October

The vacancy was created by a resident who had been co-opted onto the parish council back in January 2022 but had not signed the necessary paperwork. The parish council followed due process throughout set by Basildon Council 

Although the by-election was called by residents, of the two persons nominated, one living in the parish and the other living outside, the election cost has to be paid by the parish council. Two nominations showed a lack of interest in joining the Parish Council from local residents, who may have preferred the Council to co-opt at no cost

The parish council were faced with a decision to spend a further £880.00 for polling cards from the parish precept. This was considered at the September parish council and unanimously agreed not to fund the sum of £880.00 as it did not represent value for money for an election that had shown very little interest from local residents. It was for the candidates to canvas the parish for votes for their election 

The cost of the election totalled £1,903.77 has been paid from the Parish Council Precept to Basildon Council