Reminder Letter 23/01551/OUT Land South of Wash Road Planning Application for 400 Residential Dwellings

Basildon Council has sent a letter to all residents of Noak Bridge to remind us of the planning application below. Please ensure your comments are sent to Basildon Council by 24th February 2024 as outlined in the letter. Please let us know if we can assist you 

23/01551/OUT Location, Land to the South of Wash Road, Wash Road Hybrid planning application for up to 400 residential dwellings comprising detailed planning permission for Phase 1 for the erection of 65 residential dwellings (Class C3) including associated landscaping, amenity and play spaces, parking provision, new pedestrian and vehicular access, sustainable drainage, attenuation basin and associated works; and outline planning permission (all matters reserved, except means of access) for the erection of up to 335 residential dwellings (Class C3), a community use facility (Class E), landscaping, informal sports pitches/spaces, amenity and play spaces, parking provision and vehicular access, sustainable drainage, allotments and associated works