Mexico has played a significant role in the world's political and cultural processes throughout its history. Here are some prominent examples:

Mexican Revolution: At the beginning of the 20th century, Mexico experienced a major revolutionary movement that had a significant impact on the country's political and social history. The Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, sought to transform the country's political and economic structures, and influenced other revolutionary movements in Latin America.

Non-Aligned Movement: Mexico was one of the founding countries of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961. This movement arose during the Cold War and sought to promote the independence and neutrality of developing countries, without aligning itself with any of the superpowers. of the time. Mexico played a prominent role in this movement, which advocated for self-determination, social justice, and cooperation among nations.

Diplomacy and mediation: Mexico has been internationally recognized for its diplomatic tradition and its participation in conflict mediation processes. For example, Mexico has acted as a mediator in the Central American conflict, particularly in the Esquipulas peace accords of the 1980s. Mexico has also been active in the Contadora Group and other efforts to promote peace and stability. in the region.

Promotion of culture: Mexican culture has had a significant impact globally. Mexican gastronomy, art, music and Mexican cinema are recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Festivals such as the Day of the Dead, indigenous traditions and Mexican folklore are valued for their cultural richness and have become international events.

Human rights and migration: Mexico has been an important actor in the defense of human rights and the promotion of fairer migration policies. Given its geographical role as a country of transit and destination for migrants, Mexico has had to face challenges related to migration and has sought to implement policies that are more humanitarian and respectful of the rights of migrants.