The final version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here.


Please find below the significant documents created during the Little Cornard process to create a Neighbourhood Plan.  You will also find the minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group minutes.

Little Cornard Neighbourhood Plan Designation Notice

Little Cornard NP Designation Map


Little Cornard Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation

The Little Cornard Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) has now been approved by Little Cornard Parish Council at its meeting on the 9th March 2021, to enter the Pre-Submission consultation stage of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

The draft Plan is available for consultation for a period of 8 weeks from 12 noon on Monday 22nd March to 5pm on Monday 17th May 2021.  The Regulation 14 Notice is as follows:

The Plan and the Appendix covering the analysis of the Questionnaire undertaken with Little Cornard residents are as below:

Draft Little Cornard Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14

Appendix - Questionnaire Analysis


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) / Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening and Determination (Feb 2021)

A working draft versions of the NDP was assessed to determine whether an SEA and/or HRA were required. The outcome of the exercise was that the need both were 'screened-out'. A copy of the relevant Screening Reports and Determination Notices are published on the Little Cornard Neighbourhood Plan page on the Babergh website.



Little Cornard Neighbourhood Plan

At the public meeting held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 12th June 2018, over 50 Little Cornard residents heard the reasons why a Neighbourhood Plan may benefit the parish.  Chris Bowden of Navigus Planning gave the residents examples of how a NP may help shape the parish over the next 20 years and District Councillor Lee Parker answered questions on how the Local Planning Authority would use the Neighbourhood Plan.

At the end of the presentation LCPC Chairman Clive Johnson asked those present if they wanted a NP to be developed and over 60% of those present agreed that it should be undertaken. 

You can see the Presentation given by Chris Bowden.

The Parish Council met on 10th July 2018 and reviewed the outcomes from the meeting on 12th June 2018. It was resolved to make an application to Babergh District Council for the parish boundary of Little Cornard to be designated a Neighbourhood Plan area.  On the 6th August 2018, Babergh District Council designated the Parish of Little Cornard as the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

In September 2018 a Steering Group was set up with membership of members of the Parish Council and interested residents.

On the 19th November 2018 the Little Cornard PC held a meeting with members of Great Cornard PC to discuss issues of common interest which might form part of a NP.  At this time all the Parish Councils sharing boudaries with Little Cornard were advised that Little Cornard were proceeding with preparation of a NP and were invited to raise any issues they would like considered.

The Steering Group also advised a number of other organisations including, Dedham Vale AONB, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Little Cornard Church PCC, Little Cornard Conservation Group and History Society.

The Steering Group then started work on a questionnaire to capture residents views. Little Cornard PPC was consulted as to issues they would like raised. The questionnaire was distributed in April 2019 to all residents in Little Cornard and other interested parties.  Residents were provided with an update at the Annual Parish Meeting on 9th April 2019.  The Steering Group was delighted to receive 106 responses to the questionnaire.

The Steering Group has worked with Chris Bowden of Navigus Planning, our consultant funded by a grant from Groundwork UK, to identify and collate information for a first draft of our NP which was completed in October 2020.  Local residents are being informed of progress through the parish magazine and other interested parties have been contacted as necessary.