Application: UTT/19/0622/HHF

Location: Levant House, High Street, Little Chesterford 

Proposal: Proposed ground floor rear extension

Deadline: 22/04/19


Application: UTT/19/0573/OP

Location: Land To The South West Of London Road,  Little Chesterford

Proposal: Outline application with all matters reserved except for access for the development of up to 76 dwellings, including provision of vehicular and pedestrian access, public open space and hard and soft landscaping.

Deadline: 15/04/19



Location: Highfield House, London Road, Little Chesterford 

Proposal: Change existing rendered boundary wall to a face brickwork design with decorative wrought iron railings.

Deadline: 26/03/19



Application: UTT/19/0347/NMA

Location: Building 60, Chesterford Park, Little Chesterford

Proposal: Non material amendment to planning application UTT/17/3111/FUL - Changes to hard standing area for parking spaces and road ways, relocation of cycle parking spaces, removal of chiller enclosure, re grading of the landscaping and removal of the retaining wall and external seating, re-pitching of the roof profile and enlargement of turrets, enlargement/addition of doors and windows and changes to material of cladding of north elevation.


Application; UTT/18/3048/FUL 

Location; Land rear of Millfield, Walden Road, Little Chesterford

Proposal; New dwelling with single garage and access via extended driveway from Walden Road Approved with conditions.


Application; UTT/18/3514/DOC

Location; Highfield House, London Road, Little Chesterford

Proposal; Application to discharge condition one (details of gates) attached to UTT/17/1817/HHF. Conditions discharged in full.


Application; UTT/18/3297/SCO

Location; Land to the south west of London Road, Great Chesterford

Proposal; Request for screening opinion for proposed development of circa 76 dwellings including provision of new vehicular and pedestrian access, public open space, SuD`s and landscaping. Opinion given.


Application; UTT/18/3260/PAP3Q

Location; Barn at Springwell Nursery, Joseph Farm, Walden Road, Little Chesterford

Proposal; Prior notification of change of agricultural building to one dwelling. Application required.


Application; UTT/18/3143/HHF

Location; Rectory Farm Lodge, Walden Road, Little Chesterford

Proposal; Erection of first floor extension over existing property and erection of one and two storey side extensions. Approved with conditions.


Application; UTT/18/3063/FUL

Location; Joseph Farm, Walden Road, Little Chesterford

Proposal; Conversion of former barn to one dwelling off existing access.


Application; UTT/18/2812/FUL

Location; Land at Rambler Cottage, High Street, Little Chesterford.

Proposal: Erection of dwelling house and associated development, to include demolition of existing garage and provision of dropped kerb. Approved with conditions.