Keynsham Allotment Association


Keynsham Allotment Association was established in 1987 to provide allotments to the community of Keynsham and is run entirely by members with an elected committee. It is subsidised by Keynsham Town Council which contributes towards rent payments to the land owner and major site repairs. The Association takes responsibility for all aspects of running the allotment site which is located at the end of Park Road in Keynsham. This includes:

  • Dealing with applications for and allocation of allotments.
  • Collection of rents from each allotment holder.
  • Paying for the site running expenses.
  • Carrying out minor site repairs and maintenance as well as engaging contractors for major work as and when required.
  • Maintaining a register of allotment holders and carrying out periodic site inspections.
  • Ensuring that all plotholders sign a tenancy agreement and abide by the association rules.

The elected association committee normally meets 3 times per year and there is an Annual General Meeting which is open to all association members. The details about the comittee, its make up and responsibilities can be seen on the constitution page of this website.

There are 128 allotment plots (this includes some half size plots) on the site which is serviced by a metered water supply. Each full sized allotment is approximately 150 square yards in size and they are available exclusively to the residents of Keynsham.  Anyone interested in renting a plot will need to apply but please note that there may be a waiting list for applicants.

Allotment Application - More details can can be obtained from the allotment application page on this website. 

For those willing to help out on a community allotment, click here to see the offering from Transition Keynsham. 

This website contains both public and private pages. Public pages can be viewed by any member of the public whereas private pages have access limited to association members only. Members wishing to view the private pages need to apply to the site administrator and if required instructions will be provided via the contact details below. To apply please click on the request membership field at the top of this page. WHEN APPLYING PLEASE USE YOUR PLOT NUMBER FOR YOUR SCREEN NAME. For example if you rent plot 48 then your screen name is Plot 48. If you have more than 1 plot then the format will be for example Plot 48 & 49. This will enable the administrator to verify your membership against the register of allotment holders before approving your application.

There are no named contacts displayed on this site. This is so that the committee members maintain a level of privacy. However anyone wishing to make contact can use the email address below. Messages sent here are regularly read and where appropriate replies are sent. Anyone wishing to complain about the activities of the association or it's members are asked to make contact with Keynsham Town Council.



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