Election Results

 Ingol and Tanterton Neighbourhood Council elects ten councillors in an 'All Out' election once every four years. The next election is due on 4 May 2023. 

In between elections, if a vacancy occurs, there can either be a by-election, if 10 electors from the local area call for one within 14 days of the notice - or the Council can co-opt a new member, who will serve until the next election

In May 2019, the following councillors were elected

Ingol & Tanterton (Ingol North East Ward)

John Potter (LibDem)

Debbie Shannon (Lib Dem) (resigned April 2020)

Michael Yates (LibDem) (resigned Feb 2021)

Ingol & Tanterton (Ingol South West and Tanterton Ward)

Tom Anderson (Ind)

Pauline Brown (LibDem) (resigned Feb 2021)

Mary Carrig (Ind)

Neil Darby (LibDEm)

Mark Jewell (LibDem)

Bill McGrath (Ind) (resigned April 2020)


Since May 2019, the following Councillors have joined the Council

Debi Roskell (Ind) co-opted July 2020

Sharon Zdan-Michajilowicz (Ind) (co-opted Sept 2020)

Cristina Mylroie (Lib Dem) (Elected at by-election held May 2021)

Jackie Crook (Ind) (co-opted June 2021)