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Working with Lancashire County Council over the flooding of the footpath alongside Tanterton Hall Road at the junction of Bowlingfield, you Neigbourhood Council can report that work is underway to install drainage to prevent future flooding.

    Bowling field footpath 1  Bowling field footpath 2


Who We Are and What We Do 

The Neighbourhood Council is made up of ten elected, unpaid, local people who meet regularly to see what they can do to make Ingol and Tanterton a better place to live in.

I&TNC boundaries

In the map, above, the pale blue line shows the boundary of the Ingol & Tanterton Neighbourhood Council. The part labelled A is in the Cadley Ward of Preston City Council while the part labelled B is in the Ingol & Cottam Ward. Both parts are in the Preston West Division of Lancashire County Council.

The idea for a Neighbourhood Council (in other places they are called Parish Councils or Town Councils) came from a group of residents back in 2011. In March that year they met with officers at Preston City Council to discuss the idea, and in May, they printed and circulated a flyer to all the homes in the area, spelling out the proposal (2011 I&TNC Launch Flyer) – and next they organised a petition, which was signed by more than 600 local residents. Preston City Council then organised a Consultation during that summer, then took the decision to set up the Neighbourhood Council. Elections took place, and the Council had its first meeting on 9 May 2012. Since then there have been new elections every four years. 

How much does it cost?

When you pay your Council Tax, a small part of it goes to the Neighbourhood Council. If you are a Band A tax payer your tax in 2021 would have been £1424.23. Of that, £970.79 went to Lancashire County Council, £218.09 to Preston City Council, £150.97 to the Police, £48.18 to the Fire Service – and just £36.20 to the Neighbourhood Council. That’s 70p a week! If you are in a higher band, you pay more – so in Band D it’s £53.30 a year, £1.04 a week. 

So what do I get for my 70p?

Well, first, the Council employs a ‘Lengthsman’, Mark, who is a self-employed contractor undertaking work for the Neighbourhood Council. All year round he patrols the streets of the ward, edging paths, maintaining the planters on Tag Lane, dealing with or reporting fly-tipping, and generally keeping the place tidy. Click here to see what he has been up to recently

A significant amount has been spent on grants towards the overheads of our two Community Centres, Intact and Tanterton Village Centre, helping them to stay afloat during these last two very challenging years.

We developed the Tanterton Village Green play area, installing a range of play equipment. We recently purchased and installed a defibrillator, located at Tanterton Village Centre (there already was one at Intact) . We also installed a throw-line and other safety equipment at the canal basin, where there have been tragic incidents in the past. We have installed CCTV at Granton Walk to help tackle Anti-Social Behaviour. The list goes on!

Many of the projects have begun because local residents raised issues with us, and we agreed to look into it and see what could be done. If you have a suggested project for us, please feel free to contact one of the Councillors. 


Another key role for the Council is making representations on Planning matters. We get consulted on every single application that applies to the area. Of course, many of these do not give rise to any concern – but when we believe the plan is inappropriate for the area, we say so, in writing and perhaps also attending the Planning Committee to make residents’ views clear. And we have had a number of successes in getting applications thrown out! 

Our Newsletter

Finally, we try to keep residents informed through our regular Newsletter – and obtain information about what YOU want for the area through our periodic surveys.