E- News 27Mar20


 Looking for something to read?

David Stokes writes: I am trying to take a leaf from Shakespeare’s book: he apparently wrote King Lear whilst in quarantine from the plague. So I am busy writing another historical novel and trying not to cough over the keyboard.

At this stage, I need beta readers (defined as a test reader of an unreleased book who gives feedback to the author from the point of view of an average reader– i.e. not a professional critique). If you like historical novels, and could spare the time in your self-isolation to read three chapters pre-publication, I would be happy to email them over to you – and the rest of the book for free as it is finished (and your name in the credits!). The book is based on the life of Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of King Alfred. She was very instrumental in creating a united England in the years after her famous father’s wars against the Vikings. I have tried to base it on the facts as far as we know them, but then we don’t know too much detail about the Anglo-Saxons in the 10th century, so I have tried to make it entertaining as well as educational.



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A group of HTAG members has volunteered to give support wherever needed to those isolated through the Coronavirus outbreak. If you know of anyone in need of shopping, medical supplies or other support, please contact htagchairman@gmail.com or 07402853706 and we will find someone to help.

Many roads are also organizing Whatsapp groups and other community support mechanisms, so if you want to be put in touch with any of these groups, let me know.

You can also volunteer on a wider basis through Voluntary Action South West Surrey. Contact the VASWS Volunteer Centre on 01483 565456 or email volunteercentresws@vasws.org.uk



A member suggests: “There are unused plots on the Pewley Downs site. Even people who have to self-isolate can safely work on an allotment

In keeping with government guidelines, the following events that involve gathering a group of people together have been cancelled:

  • 18th April, the Spike WI Quiz at the Spike
  • 29th April Climate Change meeting at GBC