A Personal View

Jean Bridger

by Jean Bridger

1970 was a year when major developments were taking place in Guildford and the town was described by a Council Officer as a "building site ready for redevelopment".

In 1971 concerned residents in our Holy Trinity Area put out a flyer suggesting that an Amenity Group could be formed if there was sufficient interest. About 80 people turned up at the Friends' Meeting House and HTAG was fledged.

The aim was to form a group that would be non-political and non-sectarian. It would be run by a small group of officers and Road Representatives  who would meet quarterly to decide policy.

All planning applications for our area, which borders roughly the Pewley Area and Charlotteville, Warwicks Bench and the High Street, would be inspected regularly and, when appropriate, representations would be made to the Council. Small domestic extensions are not included as they are generally a matter for neighbours to settle.

HTAG is respected by the Council as a moderate and well balanced group, and we are consulted regularly on important developments in the town. We take pains to inspect all planning applications in the High Street for shop fronts and advertisements. We comment on unsuitable proposals and back up the admirable guidelines that the council produces.

Apart from all this, a very important part of HTAG's function is to encourage a community spirit. To this end we hold regular coffee mornings, rambles, open garden days, carol singing, theatre outings and outings for our "seniors". 

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