What is HTAG?

Holy Trinity Amenity Group is your neighbourhood association, formed to look after the interests of residents of Holy Trinity ward in central Guildford and to foster good community relationships. 

What area does HTAG cover?

HTAG’s membership covers that part of Holy Trinity ward closest to the town centre. If the issues have an impact on adjacent areas, we coordinate with Guildford Residents Association (GRA).

Why  you need HTAG

Without HTAG, there would have been some avoidable blots on the landscape.  Ever since 1971, HTAG has examined all planning applications affecting the neighbourhood and the town’s conservation area.  Whenever the proposals have been unsuitable, it has made well-argued cases for modifying or rejecting them. HTAG has supported GBC’s efforts to enforce and strengthen its planning guidelines.  Examples of HTAG’s planning work include: landscaping of Milkhouse Court, enhancing of traffic islands and safe crossing on Bright Hill, improved street lighting and sign posting. We organise regular social events including open gardens, carol singing, quiz nights, theatre visits, seniors' outings and coffee mornings.

What is HTAG currently up to?

Within our area, our main need is for ‘affordable’ housing, particularly modest 2/3 bedroom family homes; housing targets should be based on the town’s own evolving needs, and we oppose its disproportionate expansion. We also keep a close eye on developments in the town centre where we continue to press for a more sustainable approach, particularly for transport.

 How does HTAG operate?

  • It issues a quarterly newsletter to households, currently distributed by its Road Representatives to households in their areas [but with a view to switching to more digital communications].
  • A Social Committee organises and promotes social events for all ages throughout the year,
  • A Planning Committee meets regularly to examine planning and other proposals.  It publicises those having an impact on the area in the newsletter and makes representations to the relevant authority.
  • Quarterly meetings of Members and Road Representatives discuss local issues and invite external speakers including representatives of local councils and interest groups. They collect the membership fees which HTAG needs in order to function.