1st September 2016

Dear Member,


Welcome to the 71st season of the Hampstead Music Club.


For those of you who were not at the last AGM, I am greatly honoured and delighted to be elected the new Chair of the Club. I have taken over from Masa Tayama who had been leading the club for 5 years working hard on continuation of club’s traditions and increasing its popularity in North London as well as enhancing the club’s concerts with his fantastic virtuoso performances. The Committee is very grateful that Masa is staying on as a Committee member and we hope that together we would be able to continue to provide great opportunities for music making and appreciation of different music styles for all members of the club and their guests.


You may already know that this season our concerts will be held at the two new venues as well as Burgh House so please be careful when planning to come to club’s events. We used different colours for different venues on the Calendar page of the brochure for your convenience.

Burgh House remains our main meeting place. The club started its life there in 1946 and this year we will be holding a special concert there to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the club, it will take place on 8th November 2016 at 8.05pm. Please see the brochure for details.


I would also like to use this opportunity to remind you of several other important events we now hold regularly.

Claire Kitchin and Masa Tayama are doing a great job organising concerts by professional musicians. These concerts will now take place on Tuesday evenings and the Committee hopes this will increase members’ support.  Please see the ‘HMC Invitation Concerts’ section of the brochure for details.

The club’s Master Classes are always interesting and thought-provoking for performers and people in the audience alike.  Last season we had our first Master Class for Instrumentalists organised by Peter Wakefield and it was a success. We are planning to repeat it this year in a similar format, perhaps with a different tutor, so keep an eye on this one as well.


Another important changes in the calendar are a joint evening for instrumentalists and singers at the beginning of the season and a joint Stage and Song evening for singers in January. Please let the Committee know your thoughts about them after these evenings take place. And it is very important for the Committee to hear your views on any other aspects of club’s life. We need and appreciate your feedback.  Let’s work together to help the club to thrive for the benefit of its members and a local community.


Looking forward to an enjoyable and fruitful season,

With the best wishes,


Anna Slavina