The Club consists of about 100 instrumentalists and singers who perform both in different members' homes and in public and private meetings at Burgh House and other venues in Hampstead in a continuing effort to promote the enjoyment of classical music. 














The Club was formed in 1946 and since 2001 has been an educational Charity (No. 1091953).

Besides performances, instrumental and vocal and mixed groups, there are coaching sessions in chamber music, meetings of a recorder group and of a motets and madrigals group; various master classes in different branches of music from professional tutors; illustrated talks and workshops involving singers and instrumentalists coached by one or more conductors of note. The subscription rate is modest and is halved for full-time students and those on benefit and for those who do not perform, but just come to listen.
  Another perk of membership is that each member receives annually a list of members of the Club with an indication of the instrument(s) played or pitch of voice, their address, telephone number and email address to enable members to get together to rehearse or play together in private.
  It is worth emphasizing that the club does not hold auditions for new members. All are welcome. The standard throughout the club varies, but all members' performances take place among friends  and every support and encouragement is given to anyone who shares our enthusiasm for the making of music. Initial individual support is available to any new member under our mentoring scheme.

The Club also has an appreciable selection of sheet music in its library (this may be viewed in the Our Files section).

our Membership Secretary:
Claire Kitchin   

or website administrator
CHARLES LEWIS 020 8444 2669