Hampstead Music Club     

74th Season 2019 - 2020

President:  Vanessa Latarche     

                             Chairman:  Anna Slavina


We are a charitable organisation of amateur and professional musicians dedicated to promoting the performance, appreciation and enjoyment of music in a milieu of enthusiasm and friendliness. We are based mainly in Hampstead, North London.

 Wisteria at BH

 Wisteria tree by the front door of Burgh House in Hampstead,

The artistic home of the hampstead Music Club for more then 60 years  



Unlike many music clubs, we don't hold auditions and everyone is welcome, whatever their instrument, voice, experience or ability!


Hampstead Music Club is the ideal place to meet like-minded musicians,  members often form ensembles to play together at members' evenings. These take place on Tuesday evenings between September and July, and there are usually 2-3 events per month. We also organise masterclasses and host an Invitation Concerts by professional musicians, which club members can attend at a half price.


All of our venues have grand pianos and we have an in-house accompanist who can be booked by instrumentalists and singers. 


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Registered Charity Number 1091953



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Charles Lewis/ Claire Kitchin

020 8444 2669