We hate waste of all kinds, and want to minimise landfill and litter, reduce carbon emissions and pollution, and improve our environment.

So we also recommend Love Food Hate Waste, the campaign to reduce food waste by giving easy practical tips to benefit our purses as well as the environment. "Love Food, Hate Waste" is brought to you by WRAP, funded by the government to encourage recycling and home composting, and enable businesses and consumers to be more efficient in their use of materials and recycle more things more often.

We also support Transition Town Kingston and Stitch in Time one of TTK's skill-sharing projects, which aims to keep useful textiles out of landfill by helping people to renovate and repair clothes.

See also the Energy Saving Trust for all kinds of advice on saving energy at home or work - and money too!

And if you know of a patch of land that is going to waste, why not grow food on it, or an urban meadow? Capital Growth "aims to create 2012 new community food growing spaces across London by the end of 2012.  Capital Growth offers practical help, grants, training and support to groups wanting to establish community food growing projects as well as advice to landowners." And "River of Flowers" is a project aiming tocreate "urban meadows in 'pollination streams' or 'green corridors' in order to help our pollinators, bees, butterflies and hoverflies, find forage in the city".

There are links to other useful resources to help save the Earth's dwindling resources and keep stuff out of landfill in our Useful Links section - do have a browse.