Green Flag Community Award

The Friends of School House Lane Orchard has received a Green Flag Community Award eight years running.

The Orchard was the first site in the borough of Richmond upon Thames to gain the Community Award in 2011. It has been awarded a Green Flag every year since then, most recently for 2018-19.

The Award recognises the achievement of FSHLO in creating and maintaining a high-quality, well-managed and welcoming place, central to the local community.  Holders of the award have to reapply and be judged each year – a process that encourages constant improvement.


Other Awards

Nominated for a BTCV (now The Conservation Volunteers) Green Hero Award - 2007

Certificate of Achievement at the Richmond Council for Voluntary Service Narcissus Bulbs 2015Community Awards for outstanding services to volunteering in Richmond Borough - June 2007


Grants & Donations

Metropolitan Public Gardens Association in association with Taylors Bulbs of Holbeach: Bulbs for London (1,000 Narcissus & Allium bulbs) - December 2014

Grassroots Grants and the Thames Community Foundation: £900 in April 2010

Awards for All: £5,250 in November 2006