Friends of Pontefract Park is a community group of volunteers who are dedicated to improving Pontefract Park which is managed and maintained by Wakefield Council and Pontefract Racecourse Company. Friends do not receive automatic funding from the Council but we are able to apply to the Council for grants from the Council's Neighbourhood Improvement Fund, Local Capital Fund and Community Development Fund. We also receive donations from time to time, specifically collection days at the Racecourse and our summer event, Picnic in the Park held in August.

We have installed a number of benches and picnic tables in the park with grants obtained from Wakefield District Housing Community Fund and the Council's Neighbourhood Improvement Fund.

Picnic tables     picnic tables 1

We have planted daffodil and crocus bulbs every autumn for several years.

Daffodils     crocuses

We plant and maintain two flower beds near to the Park entrance.

Flower bed        IMG_1176.jpg 

There are four rowboat planters at the lakeside that we plant with bedding plants in the spring and autumn. Our planting sessions have been supported by the Park Ranger Team. A netting barrier is necessary to prevent the geese eating the plants!

1.jpeg      IMG_1260.jpg

IMG_1569.jpeg    1.jpg

Picnic in the Park is a family fun day we organise every August, although unfortunately it hasn't taken place since 2022 due to bad weather. We are planning an event for August 2024

Picnic in the Park