Please remember that we share this precious landscape with other species for whom it is their home. Do not disturb sheep or their lambs, or let your dog chase them. And be aware that skylarks (those birds you may hear singing above you in the sky) nest in the grass and may abandon their nests if disturbed, so keep your dog on the main paths. They are a red-listed bird due to population declines and we're very lucky to still have them here.


Welcome to the website of Friends of Landport Bottom.

This is forum for people who value Landport Bottom, an area of chalk downland and woodland on the north west border of Lewes in East Sussex.

Here you will find news about Landport Bottom and a diary of events. There a photo albums where you can post your favourite pictures of Landport Bottom, and discussion forums where you can post your thoughts.

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2015-10-27-Pond Clearing


 Clearing Jill's Pond - 27 October 2015