Friends of Heathfield Rec Committee

The Friends of Heathfield Recreation Ground and Environs (FoHRGE) role is to protect and enhance our local green space. We would like to increase use of the rec for everyone.


Chair - Ruth Ward

Vice Chair - Jon Rowles

Alex Stewart, Sally Paverley, Holger Pollesche, Manju Walia, Joan Gibson, Hardit Saluja, Ellis Owen, Rory Moles

Co-opted Members: Ranald Phillips Pavilion Committee. Jan Kilsby Inclusion

We are supported by London Borough of Richmond and Habitats and Heritage

Habitats and Heritage (H&H)

Habitats and Heritage (H&H) is an environmental and community development charity based in Twickenham. It builds active and engaged communities in South West London who protect and enhance the environment. H&H works with, and supports 90 similar groups and friends group across South West London, 60 of these are in Richmond Borough. We believe parks are best protected and enhanced through active community involvement working collaboratively with the park's owner. Richmond Council also shares our vision, there are more than double the number of friends group in Richmond Borough than any other borough and they have an ambition to increase the number of friends groups. The Council actively works with these groups, and they fund our charity to support and empower the groups so they are open, democratic and successful and turn Heathfield Rec into a Friendly Park for All.