The Recreation Ground

Heathfield Recreation Ground (Heathfield Rec.) is in the Heathfield Ward of Whitton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is owned and managed by Richmond Councils and, its Parks and Open Spaces Service. 















Friends Group

The Friends of Heathfield Recreation Ground and Environs in partnership with London Borough of Richmond (LBRuT) and South West London Environment Network (SWLEN) aims to protect and enhance the rec for all members of our community and visitors.

Friends of Heathfield Future Plans

Our Vision for Heathfield rec. includes:

A new pavilion, improvements to biodiversity and improvements to play facilities.

We are in the middle of creating exciting plans with our partners and will be publishing them soon.

Thank you to all the community - individuals and clubs etc. - who have not only helped us create our plans but have shown such support and enthusiasm about our lovely bit of Richmond.

Play renewed

The play area next to Heathfield school has been renewed and is looking really exciting . We cannot wait until restrictions are lifted and our children can use it.

Urban Flower Meadow to increase

A 2nd flower meadow in the area of the rec beside the scout hut has been prepared and interupted by Covid19. Blubs will be planted for next spring.

Biodiversity on the rec


Stag Beetle Loggeries have been installed on the borders of the rec and although the loggeries will not have helped this year we are pleased stag beetles have been spotted living on the rec. If you would like to build one in your garden here are the instructions…/ass…/documents/stag-beetle-logpiles

The rec has two areas of the borders fenced off to start a trial which should lead to increases in our local bugs and beasties.

We are reducing the fertility of these areas by cutting the grass and removing the cuttings. This makes it less fertile for grass and allows the native wildflowers and sedges to germinate.

The cut and collect process will take place in May and August 2020.

The objective of this process is to allow wildflowers and sedges to naturalise and provide nectar source and habitat for a range of invertebrates.

Increases in bugs then works its way up through the food chain. For example - We have a lovely population of Sparrows around the rec. Sparrows raise a number of broods a year and need a plentiful supply of insects to successfully raise their chicks.

These trials will show us if we can use this process on all border areas of the rec, or if we need to take any extra steps to make it successful etc.

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