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Heathfield Recreation Ground (Heathfield Rec.) is in the Heathfield Ward of Whitton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is owned and managed by Richmond Council's and its Parks and Open Spaces Service. South West London Environment Network (SWLEN) is an environmental and community development charity based in Twickenham. It builds active and engaged communities in South West London who protect and enhance the environment. 



The charity is looking to facilitate the set-up of a friends group for Heathfield Rec. We work with, and support, 90 similar groups across South West London, 60 of these are in Richmond Borough. We believe parks are best protected and enhanced through active community involvement working collaboratively with the park's owner. Richmond Council also shares our vision, there are more than double the number of friends group in Richmond Borough than any other borough and they have an ambition to increase the number of friends groups. The Council actively works with these groups, and they fund our charity to support and empower the groups so they are open, democratic and successful. The work to form a friends group follows on from a request from the Ward Councillor's they would like to see a friends group form, and the Council's work in turning Heathfield Rec into a Friendly Park for All

Once formed, the friends group would represent local and Rec. user views, act as a consultative body and could suggest further improvements for the Rec. for the Council to consider. However, it does rely on local people stepping forward to take the initiative, taking a role within the group or signing up for more information/becoming a member. 


Next Steps

The public meeting held on Monday 19th November at Heathfield Infant School to discuss forming the group and the way forward, was well attended by members of the local community, representatives of our charity SWLEN and Heathfield Ward Councillors.

The window for candidate nominations extended:

  • The window for nominations is open and has now been extended, closing 24 January 2019 09:00
  • 25 January 2019 - Post up candidates for voting. Candidates standing for election will be posted on the friends website and on notices in the park
  • 14 February 2019 09:00  - voting closes
  • 21 February 2019  -  Those elected announced. SWLEN and a representative for LBRuT to count votes. (If those standing are unopposed, they will be automatically elected)
  • First committee meeting organised, date tbc

Watch out for updates on line and notices in the park!

If you would like to get involved please sign up to the mailing list below.  

Heathfield Rec Pathway   Adventure Playground   The Armchair Sculpture



We will be looking for people to stand for election to form the committee, initially for the following roles; Secretary, Sports Representatives (2 people), a youth representative, environment representative and three committee members without porfolios (i.e. if you wish to stand for chair or vice chair, nominate yourself for an ordinary committee member role). It will be for the committee to select and elect a chair and vice chair from within the committee. Once established the committee will be able to co-opt on other people, this could include, for example, a local residents association, or someone with skills/knowledge the committee feels they need, such as a treasurer who manages the group's finances. We will seek nominations after the public meeting, where we will also outline the process.

Nomination Form - Heathfield Rec (3)


Staying in Contact

This website and a Mail Chimp account to manage the emailing have been created. This provides our charity with a platform to promote the work to form a group and allow people to sign up to receive email updates, the meeting agenda and announcements about the public meeting. If a friends groups forms, then the ownership of this website and the Mail Chimp account will be transferred to them, this will include your details (name and email address) if you have added your details to Mail Chimp. We have found this approach provides an efficient set up of friends group. Please note by signing up to the emails you are accepting this transfer of ownership of your data (name and email address). Both SWLEN and the friends group will manage your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). All emails sent have an 'opt out' link in them.

To sign up for the emails and the agenda, please click on the link and add your name and email address  



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