Trees give us a tremendous amount and our streets would be a lot poorer without them. 

They give us a contribute a phenomenal amount to our lives; they:

  • Cool the outdoor spaces we use daily
  • Help deal with local air pollution
  • Reduce our stress levels
  • Add life and colour to the urban grey
  • Give us a sense of place
  • Support wildlife biodiversity
  • Soak up carbon dioxide
  • Produce the oxygen we need for life

To put it another way:

Trees make the places we live and work healthier and happier, whilst helping to address the climate emergency.

 Whilst trees are phemonal pieces of bioengineering, living with trees has some downsides too, such as pollen, leaf waste, car mess and even obstruction of the pavement. In the end, it is about a balance and recognising that we need to live with a few negatives in order to reap the vast rewards available.