Water regularly
  • Water the tree 2 to 3 times a week, using a large watering can - or equivalent
  • Evenings are best to reduce loss of water through evaporation in the heat of the day
  • In dry, hot spells, increase the amount and frequency of watering - trees suffer just like we do in heatwaves
  • Use the irrigation pipe if there is one, as well as  the soil around the base of the trunk.
  • Share the role with a neighbour, even for one tree
  • Keep watering from first signs of life to when the leaves drop - about March to October
Keep the weeds away
  • Keep the soft ground around the tree free from weeds as they compete with the tree for water
Tell others in the street

What makes this really work is when everyone mucks in, which means we need to talk to each other. So, talk to your neighbours, post a message on the street whatsapp group - whatever works for you - and get something going.

Any problems - let the council know

Keep an eye on the tree and report any issues - to give a tree its best chance

  • Please always report damage to bark, broken branches, ineffective stakes, guards and straps
  • Also report branches that need pruning, or any overhanging the road at risk from vehicles!
  • Report good news or problems in the first instance to Richmond Council via their webform (link here) or by phone to customer services on 020 8891 1411
  • Feel free to keep us in the loop at info@friendsofstreettrees.co.uk