Scottish Curling Roadshow

Scottish Curling is holding a roadshow of open meetings with members, around the country from next month. 

These meetings will follow the successful roadshow that took place in summer 2018, that saw hundreds of people attend meetings to discuss the drafting of the new strategy for Scottish Curling.  This year the focus will be around consultation on three items and an opportunity for Q&A from the floor.  There will be at least one director from the board and one senior staff member at each meeting.  We aim to provide updates on key areas, engage with our committed and valued members, have open dialogue - on how we work together to further develop Curling and ask questions of each other.


The Agenda will feature:

  1. The Structure Review 2018-2020
  2. Scottish Curling Championships Review
  3. The World Men’s Curling Championship 2020 in Glasgow
  4. Questions and Answers from the floor

 Wednesday 4th December – The Peak, Stirling.  6-8pm


The board and staff of Scottish Curling look forward to welcoming members to the meetings and learning from each other.  Refreshments will be provided prior to the start of each meeting.


Bruce Crawford


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