Area Competitions

Forth Valley Area Knockout Competition.

The Area Knockout is the biggest event held by Forth Valley played at the Peak, Stirling and involves teams from all four of the provinces that make up the area, 3 teams each from Central Scotland and Forth and Endrick, 6 each from Stirlingshire and West Lothian. The draw is designed to play clubs from different Provinces against each other. There are four rounds altogether.


Forth Valley Area Bonspiel.

This competition is played over 2 sessions on an evening in January at Stirling Ice Rink. 24 teams compete composed of any 4 curlers from one Club. 6 teams represent each Province. Club selection is determined by the individual Provinces. The draw is on a format to encourage the social aspect among Provinces and to avoid teams from the same Clubs playing each other in consecutive years.


Forth Valley Area Championship.

 All four Provinces submit a champion to play in this competition. It is a straight knockout to find the overall Area Champion. This is always the last competition held by the Area.