Treasurer Role

ROLE TITLE:Area Treasurer. Contact:

RESPONSIBLE TO:Area Chairman (Senior Area Representative)


  1. Enthusiastic

  2. Well organised

  3. Prepared to make a regular time commitment

  4. Able to record financial transactions clearly and accurately 


  1. To be the ‘financial manager’ for the area, dealing with all financial transactions for the Area.

  2. To prepare and distribute the Annual Accounts for the Annual General Meeting.

  3. Keep the accounts of all Area income and expenditure..

  4. Ensure the accounts are successfully audited for the Annual GHeneral Meeting.

  5. Update the committee on the financial situation of the Area..

  6. Publish the draws for the Knock Out, Annual Bonspiel and Championship Competition to the Provinces.

  7. Provide support to the running of the competitions, collecting money, directing teams, etc.

  8. To work alongside the secretary to see that all affiliation/registration/invoice documents are accurate and are paid on time.

  9. When there is an incoming tour from abroad, there will be additional time and effort required to provide assistance in its organisation.

What else can you tell me about the role?

The Area Treasurer is a key role within the area to ensure it is able to meet it's commitments to ensure the efficient and effective management of the area.

As the first point of contact for the financial management of the area, it is helpful if the Treasurer has an active e-mail account as well as a mobile phone. The club is keen to support the Treasurer in the use of modern office technology so as to assist them in their job. A dedicated email address is supplied and this gives access to the online Area Data Store. Access to the internet and a web browser is required.

What tasks are involved?

Tasks will include:

  1. Dealing with financial correspondence.

  2. Paying bills received by the Area.

  3. Organising and attending the area AGM and other area meetings.

  4. Maintaining a record of all the financial transactions of the Area in a spreadsheet and storing it in the Area Data Store.

  5. Enabling an audit of the accounts..



The estimated time commitment required as the Treasurer of Forth Valley Area is 6 hours per month. This will increase when there is an incoming tour from abroad requiring to be organised.