No Area Competitions this season 2020-21

There will be no Area competitions this season 2020-21 due to covid19 restrictions and clubs choosing not to curl due to virus fears. Because of the need for social distancing the Peak ice rink will only have 3 sheets active at any one time should it reopen. This means severely restricted ice for playing and Stirling Curling Group have organised leagues for clubs and individuals who wish to play despite the restrictions in place. With this in mind, all PROVINCES and the AREA will not hold any competitions to allow those who want to play the chance to do so.

The Peak Ice Rink was closed for curling in 2020 because of the restrictions in Tier 3 that Stirling had been placed in. Elite curlers continue to train in the NCA.

For the start of 2021 all of the mainland of Scotland will be in tier 4 for three weeks from boxing day. This means curling is postponed till February at the earliest.