Kilsyth wins Knockout

The 2019 Forth Valley Knockout Final took place on Wednesday the 30th October in the Main Arena of the ice rink at the Peak, Stirling between Doune and Kilsyth.

Doune won the toss and Kilsyth took red stones and started the game. It was competitive from the start with stones being taken out and then others drawn around guards at the front of the house. Kilsyth had two stones in the house, one lying shot with a yellow Doune stone sitting in front of it. Doune skip MacLeod with his last stone hit his own stone to move the Kilsyth stone back to score a single as the second Kilsyth stone was narrowly ahead of the his played stone.

In the second end Kilsyth kept two scoring stones in the house despite the best efforts of Doune to get into the button and Kilsyth skip Johnston narrowly missed scoring 3 with a final draw. In the third end however, he made up for it by keeping Doune out and getting the 3 to lead 5 v 1. 

Ends four and five were similar stories with Doune always facing several Kilsyth stones in the house and trying to get in to score. The final stones for Doune were drawn agonisingly short and Kilsyth scored a single shot each time to lead 7 v 1.

In the sixth end another crowded head but this time Doune actually had three stones in the house before Kilsyth started to chip them out. However, the button was open and Doune scored their second shot.

This was repeated in the seventh end but this time the Kilsyth skip Johnston needed a very good draw to beat the Doune stones in the house, but he came up short, so Doune scored a 3. However, the bell had gone so Kilsyth won 7 v 5 in the end.

Well done to Kilsyth, the team was L. Goodfellow, M. McCulloch, N. Murray and B. Johnston.