Document in lieu of 2021 AGM

In lieu of an AGM for season 2020-2021 because null and void.




  1. Apologies for absence (None)
  2. Minutes of AGM 2020 [sent 3rd June 2020] Matters arising, none.

Chairman’s Report

  • Indoor Grand Match 2020 planning will need to be revisited due to the postponement to 2022.

  • All the Provinces, Stirling Ladies Branch and the Area coordinated their ice bookings with Stirling Curling Group to ensure there were no date clashes. This should help Active Stirling bookings team as well. 

  • Incoming American Tour 2022 will need to be organised.

  • Website was maintained and news also published.

Area Competitions 20/21

  • No competitions held.

  • Championship final 2020 - Postponed again due to covid19 lockdown (Buccaneers v Livingston)

Financial Statement 

  • Remains the same as 2019-2020 as zero money changed hands over the null and void season.

Area Subscription

  • Remain the same for 2021-2022 at £3.00

Area Committee and Representatives

  • Harry Brodie chair for 2 years.

  • Norman Ainslie representative for 4 years

Election of Secretary and Treasurer

  • Temporary Secretary Joe Kincaid will continue for one more year.

  • Treasurer Ritchie Stewart will continue for one more year.

Due to null and void season all committee members will continue for another year.

Election of Auditor

  • Ritchie Stewart indicated that an auditor will need to be found to audit the accounts for next year.


  • RCCC AGM– Virtual meeting Saturday 26 June 2021 at 2pm

AOCB None.