Area Champions

The rearranged Area Championship final took place on the Monday, 25th March 2019 at 9:00pm on Rink A in the National Curling Academy. Blairdrummond won the toss and so Kilsyth played the final off with yellow stones. The first end was played in a safety first mode and after clearing stones, Blairdrummond scored a single. In the second end, there was a similar strategy and Blairdrummond finished with two stones together on the right sode of the house, just clinging on. Skip Murray chose to hit them but didn't hit at the right angle only removing one while his stone left the house, leaving Blairdrummond with another single.

Coming back down, the play changed to a much more aggressive game with guards and shots being drawn through ports to try and claim the shot. Eventually Kilsyth had 3 counters and no amount of take outs could get Blairdrummond onto the button, So a simple draw for skip Murray to add another shot to score a 4 and lead 4 v 2.

The tactics continued into the fourth end with some very accurate drawing on display. Kilsyth eventually managed to get round the Blairdrummond counter and lie three shots. Blairdrummond skip Brisbane couldn't quite beat all the Kilsyth stones despite the best efforts of both sweepers. So this was a steal of 2 for Kilsyth.

The play was now well established with drawing and knocking stones around the house. The Blairdrummond third didn't manage to get into the house to clear Kilsyth stones and it looked like another big steal was about to happen but skip Brisbane had a bit of luck with his last stone, which appeared to be drifting past the house when it suddenly cut in and took a Kilsyth counter out to cut the loss to a single.

The sixth end saw Blairdrummond struggle to keep a single stone in the house and skip Brisbane with his last stone went for a takeout which unfortunately was a bit wide and took his own stone out, leaving Kilsyth with a steal of 3 and a score of 10 v 2. Hands were shaken at that point between skips Brisbane and Murray. 

Kilsyth are the Forth Valley Area champions for 2019.