spring daffodil


7th April 2020 

The Institute, Kelvedon at 7.30pm


Exhibits may be staged from 6.30pm onwards


Members ONLY are invited to exhibit in the following classes:

A:    Miniature Daffodils or narcissi   3 x stems

B:  Intermediate Daffodils or narcissi  3 x stems

C:  Large Plain Daffodils or narcissi  3 x stems

D: Large Fancy Daffodils or narcissi  3 x stems

E: Spring Flowers ( other than above)  3 x stems (one or more kinds)

F: Flowering and/or Foliage Shrubs 3 x stems (one or more kinds)

G: A planted pot of 3 Daffodils in flower

H: A single Foliage Pot plant

J: A single Flowering Pot plant

K: An Orchid in flower

L: An Arrangement of Spring Flowers

M: A Planted Container of Spring Flowers ( up to 35cm diameter / length)



Large : trumpet, double, large, small & split-cupped

Miniatures: triandus, cyclamens, jonquils, azetta, poeticus