xmas tree

 As our meetings are always on the first Tuesday of the month - Christmas comes a little early for us! DECEMBER 1ST 2020.


With plenty of generous donations of food by members and the hard work of the committee, we manage to hold a splendid 'bring & share' buffet evening with lots of lovely home made fare. 


The scene is set for a Festive spread, albeit rather early, with decorations & crackers to boot. 


We are limited to a max of 60 people owing to the restrictions of the Institute, so members need to secure their tickets as soon as we get them printed. Once all participating members have had an opportunity to buy a ticket we can offer the remainder up for others. Some members like to invite friends.


All tickets are £5 


In an attempt to minimise the amount of potential washing up at the end of the evening, we ask that you bring your own eating irons & crockery/ glasses as well as the drink/s of your choice. Needless to say you are expected to take all your own washing up home!


The evening starts at 7.30pm


We try to provide some table 'entertainment' in the form of pencil & paper quizzes to encourage interaction & jolly discussion!