We have been fundraising since talk of the hospital's closure began in 2016 and by the end of 2021, had raised £600,000 from prior years. Our fundraising events for 2022, along with some generous personal donations (not specifically listed here for GDPR reasons) added another £120,000. With a mortgage secured, we have the funds needed for the building purchase! However we've had substantial legal and other professional expenses to get to this point - and once the building is ours, will be launching into renovations and upgrades - for which our fundraising will continue.

So we still need your support to help our events soar, and keep up the brilliant work you all contributed to last year! 

A MEMORAMA OF EVENTS! With much Gratitude to all who organized them, and hosted, and everyone who showed up to contribute. Specifically (most recent listed first)

The Boskerris Hotel who held a special dinner for us on March 26th, which, complete with our famous EH raffle, raised over £1,000. (Exact amt. tba)

 The Barn Day Nursery's Easter Bonnet event on March 22nd, with toddler participants who raised £25

The fabulous Kizamba who got everybody dancing at the Rugby Club on March 10th, with thanks too to the club for hosting the event, which raised about £1500! (amount tbc).

Feast Day Coffee Morning on February 3rd kicked off our year's events. Many thanks to the Western Hotel, and to all who contributed by bringing cakes and other goodies - and those who ate them! - raising a grand total of £1,121.15