We have secured a price of £1,020,000 from NHS Property Services to purchase Albany House – the building which housed the Edward Hain Memorial Hospital for over 100 years. This has been achieved with the support of St Ives Town Council, who acted on our behalf in the initlal phases of negoatiation. St Ives Community Land Trust is supporting us with online and postal access, and a professional project team is in place. 

As part of developing our Business Plan, we have carried out the first stage of Community Consultation to gather opinions regarding facilities that could be made available at the new Edward Hain Centre. We received a fantastic 517 responses, including over 100 the old-fashioned way - on paper! Our thanks to all who participated. 


Our current thinking for prospective uses and ideas under consideration

The Edward Hain Centre will be a permanent community health and wellbeing centre for St Ives and the surrounding area. We want to ensure that all prospective tenants fit into our overall criteria:

  • All services must be offered primarily for the residents of the town and surrounding parishes.
  • We will prioritise services and activities that are of general interest to those in need.

Our current list of preferred tenants is as follows. This is not an exclusive list – we are happy to look at other ideas that fit our overall ethos.

  • Medical / clinic sessions, either NHS or other. That is, one-to-one or group sessions for patients with clinicians.
  • Medical/health support services: mental health, children and families, older people, adult social care, specific conditions (eg Parkinson’s, dementia).
  • Food quality, healthier eating, support for those in need


Other ideas 

•  Dialysis respite pod

•  Family welfare, e.g. help for parents of young children

•  Care agencies base (not just workers)

•  Help and Support Groups: Alcoholics Anonymous; gambling help; drug addiction help; detox for alcoholics; mindfulness for teenagers and adults; support for those with dementia and their families/carers

•  Weight management and nutrition

•  Smoking cessation

•  Breathers Group

•  Penhaligon’s Friends and similar groups

•  Base for care workers and agencies in St Ives

•  Dentistry

•  Potential delivery of services to the community not covered at the Stennack Surgery; ante- and post-natal groups

•  Transport for getting to appointments

•  Electric vehicle charging points

•  Community Centre with a variety of activities

•  Yoga/Tai Chi and other preventive practices


You can download a tenants information pack here.


Please revisit this page for updated information as we develop our business plan.