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British Dyslexia Association
Helpline:  0333 405 4567 



NHS Guidance



London Dyslexia:


 Made by Dyslexia  

2 hour training for anyone (strategies & tools)


Dyslexia Assist

Scottish based Charity developed by parents for parents


The Dyslexia-SpLD-Trust,

Provide reliable information to parents, teachers, schools and the wider sector.


Dyslexia Association

Support children and adults and wider community in East Midlands.  


Touch-type, Read and Spell  (TTRS)

Multi-sensory computer based course that teaches typing, reading and spelling.


Dyslexia Action

A provider of specialist teacher training/practitioner and specialist teacher/practitioner/ assessor training.



Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (UK) Find a teacher or assessor


 Access to Work Operational Support Unit
Telephone:  0208 426 3110

IGet support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK (


Iansyst Assistive Technology (AT)

Telephone: 01223 436 670



Sight and Sound Technology

Telephone: 01604 798 070


Family Line “If you’re having family problems, we’re here to listen.”
Telephone:  0808 800 5678

FamilyLine - Family Action (



The Dyspraxia Foundation:




The National Autistic Society:


Visual sensitivity is assessed by specially qualified optometrists.

For further information contact:

The Institute of Optometry:

The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists:



Top Literacy Resources and Websites for Children with Dyslexia

1. Nessy Reading and Spelling Programme (

Child friendly software containing computer games, printable worksheets, and animated rules.


2. Wordshark, Numbershark (

Software containing many motivating computer games. Wordshark follows the Government’s principles for synthetic phonics.


3. Phonic Reading Books (

Specially written decodable reading books.


4. Barrington Stoke reading books (

A wide variety of stories that are pitched at the ‘real’ age of the reader and not their reading age. 


5. Magnetic Letters and Magnetic Rainbow Arc ( a useful resource for learning phonics.


6. Helen Norrie Magnetic Letter Case (

The original multisensory teaching aid 


7. Vowel Sound Directory (

Desktop spelling aid designed as a flipbook to help children with the different ways vowel sounds can be written.


8. Find Your Fish Game (

A versatile and enjoyable system for teaching a wide range of language based activities.


9. Trugs Card Games (

Trugs (teach reading using games) are phonic reading card games.


10. Smart Chute (

Card flipper device which is a fun way of developing recall of letter sound correspondence.


11 The Dyslexia Shop - The Dyslexia Shop - Products & Teaching Resources for Dyslexia and Special Educational Needs


12. Numberworks  Ealing 

Maths and English tution -tutor led and computer based 

 Ealing Tutoring For Math & English, UK | NumberWorks'nWords | NumberWorks'nWords (


13. Hynes Optometrists Ealing 

  Visual sensivity advice  for adults and children  (



1. Cambridge House Resources (

Specialises in books, teaching resources and games, covering Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Asperger Syndrom


2. Load2Learn ( Load2Learn | Paths to Literacy)

 Free service provides accessible text books  and images to support dyslexics and others who have difficulties with print. 


3. Brown and Brown Publishing (

Complete range of adult literacy and numeracy publications.


4. Thats the way I think by David Grant (Thats-way-think-Dyspraxia-explained)

This book helps readers to understand how dyslexics feel and how they develop coping strategies; ideal for  for dyslexic people themselves, their parents and teachers/tutors. 


4. Steve Chinn | The Trouble with Maths (

Dyslexia and mathematics/dyscalculia guidance, training, CPD and assessment from award winning author, international speaker and trainer.


5 Beating Dyslexia .(

Website Offers a range of techniques to assist  in overcomiing dyslexia.


. Hynes Optometrists Ealing 

  Visual sensivity advice  for adults and children   Home | Hynes Optometrists