Constitution Version 5  08/06/2019

The name of the association is the Dickerage Road Allotment Association.


  • To manage the Dickerage Road allotment site, under the terms of the lease from the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.
  • To encourage the full, productive use of the site.
  • To enhance the all-round gardening experience of allotment holders.
  • To promote and coordinate social events.
  • To cooperate with representatives of other allotment sites and gardening associations in matters of mutual interest.


All allotment holders will automatically be members of the Association. In addition, each member may nominate one associate member. This must be a person who is known, by the Association’s committee, to assist regularly on the member’s allotment.


The annual rent payable by each member for her/his plot will include the annual membership subscription for the member and, if applicable, the associate member.

The Committee

  • The affairs of the Association will be conducted by a Committee of not less than four members.
  • Three of the Committee members will be Officers of the Association: a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  • The Committee, including the Officers, must retire at the Annual General Meeting and will be eligible for re-election.
  • The Committee will fill any vacancies which arise between General Meetings.
  • A quorum will be three members                                                


  • The Treasurer will operate a bank account in the name of the Association and on its behalf. The Treasurer will maintain records of all financial transactions and produce an annual financial statement.
  • The annual financial statement will be verified by a person who is not a member of the Committee. The outcome will be reported to the Annual General Meeting.

Public Liability Insurance

The Committee will maintain adequate public liability insurance for the site.

General Meetings

  • The Annual General Meeting will be held no later than 30th June each year.
  • A quorum will be six members (or their representatives with proxy voting rights as defined in 10 b below) for any general meeting.
  • At the Annual General Meeting:
    • The Committee’s report for the previous year, ending 31st March, will be submitted for approval.
    • The verified accounts for the previous year, ending 31st March, will be presented.
  • Special General Meetings may be called by the Committee, or upon the request, in writing to the Secretary, of at least six members.
  • Members will be given fourteen days notice, in writing, of all General Meetings and any resolutions which are to be tabled.

Conduct of Committee and General Meetings

  • Committee business will be decided by a majority of those present. In the event of a tie, the Chair will have the casting vote.
  • At General Meetings, resolutions will be passed by a majority of members. For absent members, proxy voting will be allowed as follows:
  • An associate member will have the automatic right to vote on behalf of their member, unless the member has given written instructions to the contrary.
  • A member may authorise any member or associate member to vote on their behalf by proxy. Written authority must be given and this must be presented to the Chair of the meeting, prior to voting.


The Association will initially be affiliated with the Kingston Federation of Allotment Gardeners and the National Allotment Society. Affiliations may change over time, as proposed by the Committee and ratified by General Meetings.

Termination of the Association

On cessation of the Association, for whatever reason, any monies remaining after payment of all expenses, outstanding debts and claims, will be distributed equally amongst the current Members who have held tenancy agreements for at least one year and whose rental is not in arrears.

Amendment to the constitution and rules

The constitution and rules may be varied from time to time by resolution of the members at a General Meeting.