Association Rules

Version 6.0   11/06/2016

1)      Rents.

a)      The Association will seek to keep the allotment rents at, or below, the annual rate set by Kingston Council for council managed sites.

b)      Annual rent will be due, in advance, on 1st October of the preceding year.

c)      Invoices for rent will be issued early in October. If payment has not been received within six weeks of the invoice date, the tenancy may be terminated.

d)     Pensioner concessions which were in force at 31/12/2008 will be honoured during the lifetime of the relevant tenancy. However, no new concessions will be granted from 1/1/2009 onwards.

2)      Keys.

Keys for the outside and inner gates will be issued to each new member, on receipt of a £10 deposit per set. Keys will remain the property of the Association and must be returned at the end of the tenancy, when the deposit will be refunded.

3)      Cultivation and maintenance of allotments.

Allotments must be properly maintained and cultivated, in line with the tenancy agreement. The committee will review the maintenance and cultivation of allotments periodically, from March to October. Allotments need to be at least 50% planted with crops in the main growing season and at all times kept tidy, with no excessive weed growth or rubbish.

If allotments are found to be in an unsatisfactory state, the member will be asked, in writing, to rectify the situation within 28 days.

a)      If the member explains that there are special circumstances preventing work on the allotment, and the committee accepts these, no further action will be taken, but the matter will be kept under review. Otherwise:

b)      At the end of the 28-day period, if the committee considers that the state of the allotment is still unsatisfactory, the tenancy agreement will be terminated and the allotment will be become available for re-letting.

4)      Respect for other allotments.

Members, and those they bring on to the site, must not cause nuisance or trespass on other allotments.

5)      Maximum holding.

The maximum holding for each member will be one whole plot.

6)      Allocation of vacant allotments.

If a member dies or vacates their allotment for any other reason, it will be offered to the associate member (if one has been registered), providing that (in the opinion of the committee) the allotment has been properly maintained and cultivated.

A waiting list for allotments will be maintained by the Secretary.

a)         Vacant land will be offered to the people on the waiting list. People from the waiting list may be offered a quarter, half or whole plot, depending upon the prevailing circumstances. If a new member (who has less than a whole plot) wants more land, their name will be returned to their original position on the waiting list, as soon as the committee are satisfied that they have maintained and cultivated their existing allotment.

b)        A person who is at the top of the waiting list may opt not to take an available allotment, but to remain at the top of the list until a more suitable allotment becomes available.

c)         Reasonable efforts will be made to contact people on the waiting list. If no response is received, the person will be deleted from the waiting list.

7)      Sheds and greenhouses.

Sheds and greenhouses will need to conform to the Borough of Kingston’s “Guidelines for sheds and greenhouses on allotment sites”, which are included as an appendix

8)      Fires.

It is only permissible to burn dry garden matter and great care must be taken to avoid annoyance to nearby houses and other allotment holders. Any fire must be sited well away from sheds, fences and trees. Detailed guidance, which may change from time to time, will be displayed on the notice board and this must be followed.

9)      Water.

Hoses are allowed but these must be hand held and not left running in a fixed position. No sprinklers are allowed.

 APPENDIX - Royal Borough of Kingston Shed Rules