No there is no fee to pay at anytime, you are free to join and leave the group.

  1. The purpose of the group is to collate individual orders, obtain the best price and pass the orders to the most suitable supplier selected.
  2. The group administrator is not there to enquire about individual deliveries. Contact details of the supplier for a given order will be made available so members can contact the supplier.
  3. The group administrator is not responsible for the suppliers operations. Members can discuss issues directly with the supplier.
  4. The group is run on a voluntary basis. Harassment and/or abusive behaviour will not be accepted and may result in a members membership being deleted.

The administrator does not handle the payments in anyway. It is up to the individual member to pay the supplier directly normally after delivery. Either by Debit card (no additional charge) , Credit Card (Some suppliers charge extra for use of a credit card or may not accept credit cards) or via BACs online. Details will be on the delivery invoice left at the time of delivery.

Note, some suppliers may require payment before delivery for using them the first time, then after delivery on future orders.


No, you only place an order only if you need a delivery.

You are at liberty to place an order yourself with whoever you wish at any time. The group is here to obtain the best price by buying in bulk. A small order will not attract the discounted price the group can obtain.

Once the supplier has been selected, an email will be sent to all members stating the prices obtained and the name of the selected supplier along with estimated expected delivery timescale. This is so that members can see what the market place is currently trending,  is it up or down.

Some suppliers may not want to give an order date until they have received the list of orders to work out in which order to make deliveries.

No, once all orders are received by the cut-off date, the leader will negotiate with a number of suppliers to obtain the best price at that time. Following the price being agreed, ALL members of the group will then receive an email giving details of the price agreed and an eta of when delivery will take place. This method gets the best price by odering in bulk quantities.

Yes, when completing the order form enter "Yes" to the question for tank to be full.

Yes complete the relevant question when ordering. The additive does however attract an additional cost.

When completing the application form to become a member of the group, there is a section for special instructions?

Provided you have noted this on your membership application form, the supplier will be informed when the order is placed.

To place your order (minimum of 500 litres) please complete the order form here.

Note, the minimum order is a statutory quantity as tankers are calibrated to deliver accuracies of 500 litres or more.

Yes the organiser will send a confirmation email when the order is submitted. The email will not include the amount ordered.