Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre (BHCAC) was set up in 1997 and registered as a charity on the 26th March 2001. It is unique in its focus on the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from the West Balkan region, developing a long-term relationship of trust with people from the wider Brent community.


A society in which individuals and communities we serve can thrive. 


To improve the lives of disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from the West Balkans and individuals from the wider Brent community experiencing socio-economic disadvantage.


Our core values are at the heart of how we work. They represent the feeling we want people to get when they work with us and they guide the decisions we make as individuals and as an organisation.

Inclusive - We are warm, welcoming and approachable in all we do. We are inclusive and care for individuals who are excluded or marginalised.

Accountable - We believe that BHCAC must be an organisation that demonstrates the highest degree of accountability to our members, beneficiaries, our funders and community at large. Our accountability is underpinned by honesty and transparency.

Collaborative - BHCAC believes that multiple and complex issues faced by individuals cannot be addressed in isolation. Sectors and communities all have a role to play. Collaboration with others is key to addressing the problems in our community. 

Preventative - We believe that addressing issues at the earliest possible stage prevents crisis and enables people to fulfil their potential. Based on our experience we know that issues faced by individuals are multifaceted and interlinked, that is why, through our holistic approach and person-centred support, we are able to prevent future crisis.

Innovative - We believe that there are always new and innovative ways to solve problems and involve our beneficiaries in programs and activities that address their issues. We encourage beneficiaries and staff to keep their pulse on community needs and bring their ideas to their peers and supervisors for program development or adaptation.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre

Registered Charity Number: 1085815