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Baines Archive

This school has amassed a number of different items for the archive.  Many of these a physical items but in order to preserve these we aim to digitise many of these items and post them on the website.


Baines Alumni

The Baines alumni is a non-paying organisation which is open to all members of the Baines School community, both past and present.


The Former Pupil's Association

This was formerlly the old Boys but changed its name when girls were admitted to the school.  This section gives information about the activities of the FPA.


Community Pages

From time to time it is our aim to publish research carried out from members of the family of Baines.  this section will hold that information for 3 months before being transferred to the Archive Section.


Businesss Section

It is hoped to use this section for news of the business links in the Alumni as well as advertising for our businesses.


School Links

This section links our site to the main school website and is the area for the heads newsletter







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