Baines Alumni is a group that encompasses all members of the Baines School Community, both past and present.  It comprises of members of the 1717Club (former staff), Former Pupils Association, Baines Alumni (those members of the school community that are not part of other groups) and current staff and pupils.

Baines School in Poulton le Fylde has stood on the same site for over 300 years.  It is believed to have existed since 1675.  The land it stands on may even have been purchased by James Baines before he died or it may have been willed by Thomas Ords who owned Middle Farm which was situated near the school wood.  The orginal school was an old farm croft, built on 4 corner stones and whitewashed, possibly built of wattle and daub.  Looking at the old paintings it is thought to have been on the same alignment as the current 'old' school but closer to the road.  The first headmaster of this school for the poor of Poulton was John Sturgazer.  

In January 1717 James Baines gave money, in his will, for the formation of three schools, which still bear his name.  One of these was Baines School in Poulton.  The school was changed to Baines School in March 1717. It may have been an existing operational school or the re-opening of the closed school  of this there is no record.  The first proof of the existence of the school is an old map of 1786.  The block building marked as school (above the word Carleton) is the school.



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