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The history of Baines School is, in many ways, a tale of generosity and kindness. Its earliest origins, on its current site, was in 1709 when James Baines bought a piece of land and built a school. He then left a substantial amount in his will to its continued existence. Other beneficiaries have also given money over the years. Having said that the school has never been rich, in fact in the 1800s it closed down for a time.

The school however is unique as it has been a mixed paying school, a mixed free school, a charity school, a boarding school, a boys grammar school, a mixed comprehensive – the list goes on.

Supporting the school isn’t just about financial support. The Former Pupils Association is a fee paying organisation which gives some financial support to the operation of the school.  But there are thousands of members of the school community that are not part of this organisation.  These are technically members of the Alumni.

Two years of the Alumni

We have been in existance a mere two years and what we have achieved in that time has been phenomenal.  We have a dedicated room at the school where we can hold meetings, store the archive, and meet past members.   As we move on from here we need your help as this is your Alumni.  We need feedback from the way we operate, the website, access to the archive.  Please let us know what you think.


The Aim of the Alumni

Any former member of the school community is a member of the Alumni.   Our aim is to promote the school and to maintain the school archive.  As members of the Alumni come from all walks of life they have masses of skills and expertise which could be used to advise and support other members of the school community both past and present.

The Alumni comprises of the former teaching staff (1717 Club), former pupils, other members of the school community and the FPA.

Joining the Alumni

As every former member of the school community is a member of the Alumni and it is free to join.  All members of the Alumni can gain access to this and the new website but if you would like to receive the newsletter and other information then please send me your email address and I will place you on our mailing list. 

Help and Support

We are always here to help you whether is it simply advice or finding past colleagues or simply telling the rest of the Alumni what you have been up to since leaving Baines then please get in touch and we will do our best to help you out. 

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