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The Aim of Baines Alumni

The Baines Alumni was formed in 2019 with the original objectives of the Alumni being ‘to foster a link between the current school community, the Former Pupils’ Association, the Alumni and to further the interests and prosperity of the School’.


Membership of The Alumni

The objectives of the Alumni are that all pupils become automatic lifetime members of the Alumni when they leave the School, with no annual subscriptions. Members of all the staff and Governors, are also welcomed as Alumni members.

Pupils who wish to join the Former Pupils’ Association will need to apply for membership by filling in the membership form, on this site and paying an annual fee of £10.

We produce a website, currently an interim site, run the school archive, produce a monthly newsletter and liaise with the school in order to keep everyone informed of current events.

Under normal conditions we operate a Tuesday get together in the JB Room in School.


Alumni Newsletter

From time to time I send out correcspondence to all members of the Alumni.  This correspondence includes the newsletter.  The Newsletter is also available on Facebook and Linkdin.  If you wish to point the mailing list simply send your email to and i will add you to the list.


The aim of the interim website

When the pandemic hit we were planning a brand new website to keep members of the Alumni and the Former Pupil's Association in contact but all that had to be placed on hold.  This interim website ids designed to fill the gap until such a time that we can move on with plans.  The site is for YOU and therefore we need feedback from YOU.  What would youl ike to see in it?


Help and Support

We are always here to help you whether is it simply advice or finding past colleagues or simply telling the rest of the Alumni what you have been up to since leaving Baines then please get in touch and we will do our best to help you out. 

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Baines a short history


The history of Baines School is, in many ways, a tale of generosity and kindness. Its earliest origins, on its current site, were in 1709 when James Baines bought a piece of land from the Orbb family at Compley Farm and changed an old croft in to a school. He then left a substantial amount in his will to its continued existence. Other beneficiaries have also given money over the years. Having said that the school has never been rich, in fact in the 1800s it closed down for a time.

The school however is unique as it has been a mixed paying school, a mixed free school, a charity school, a boarding school, a boys grammar school, a mixed comprehensive – the list goes on.

Supporting the school isn’t just about financial support. We all have skills and expertise in many different fields. 

The Former Pupils Association is a fee paying organisation which gives some financial support to the operation of the school.  But there are thousands of members of the school community that are not part of this organisation.  These are technically members of the Alumni.








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