Postamble I ~ Wise democracy principles

Mechanisms for elevating civic discourse in a complex world

As nation state populations have increased exponentially the pressing need for a participatory democracy mechanism has emerged, with prototypes enacted at city, state and national levels.

"It may have been perverse of destiny to array perception across billions of subjectivities, but the fact is central to human life and language and culture, and no philosophy or cognitive science should be allowed to evade it."      —Marilynne Robinson, Absence of Mind, 2010

Government of the People, by the People, for the People, ever emergent, ever  evolving;  embodies at root the broad participation of citizens in political choice-creating as imperative to a functioning democracy. Integral to a wise democracy is participatory democracy or participative democracy, government and governance in which the role of citizens is held as dynamic and interactive. 

A wise democracy approach: ​Politicians transcend traditional roles of policy-making and leadership, assuming as a core tenet the mantle of facilitators. Their primary task becomes not just to lead but to enable a participatory process that draws out the collective wisdom of the community. This approach hinges on several key actions like building trust and openness. Facilitators foster an environment where participants feel safe to share their views openly, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives is heard. So a shared understanding and mutual respect among community members can be fostered, as well as creativity. Enhancing Connectivity: By encouraging dialogue and interaction, facilitators help build networks of relationships that strengthen the social fabric, leading to a more cohesive w​hole, through elevated and evolving civic discourse.

T​hus we encourage and embolden what has been called,  “the putty of a thriving society.” [Manfred Hellrigl, Office of Future-related issues, Vorarlberg] See Jim Rough, Center for Wise Democracy with Change That Matters (London), Dynamic Facilitation Association, Munich.

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