A Voice of Youth from Oceti Šakowiŋ, The Seven Council Fires

Rhiannon White Plume, of the Oglala Lakota Nation

Hello my relatives. I greet you all with a good heart and a handshake.
My English name is Rhiannon White Plume and my Lakota name is Uŋpaŋ Pežuta Čhaŋupa Wiŋ

which means Female Elk Medicine Pipe Woman.

Rhiannon WP with Horse

I Know that our Ancestors and our children, to seven generations, thank us for living up to Lakota values for all life.

In the Lakota Way, in the sacred hoop of life, we have many core values but I will tell you four important one s to me that you are fulfilling in this good work:

The first value is Wóksape, which means Wisdom

The second value is Wačhante Ognake, which means Generosity.

The third value is  Wowačiŋ Thaŋka, which means Fortitude.

The fourth value is Woóhola (wo oh hola) which means Respect..


Wopila - Thank You for hearing the Earth and the Ocean,
For all living things, for all the generations that have been and yet will be.

❧  Mitákuye Oyás'iŋ - All My Relations 

white plume feather