This page contains contact information for both the Freehold and Management companies that work on behalf of all flat owners and residents. Most flat owners are members of the Freehold Company and all are members of the Management Company. Shares are issued in each giving owners a vote and say in how the estate is run. An AGM for both companies are held annually.


The management company deals with maintenance and the day-to-day running of the estate. The freehold company owns the land and buildings, administers the lease, ground rent and buildings insurance.


Management Company Contacts

David Winterburn - Tel: 01494 463107 WD Mob: 07662 003055

Director and Company Secretary - Contact point for general maintenance issues on the estate.

Terrie Smith - Tel: 01494 445816 Mob: 07720 383535

Director and Bookkeeper - Finance and administration, contact for service, ground rent and insurance charges.

Susan Horsnell - Director

Mike Fincham - Committee Officer

Roger Legge - Committee Member

Company No: 01170903

Registered Office:  1st Floor North, 40 Oxford Road, High Wycombe, HP11 2EE


Freehold Company Contacts

Andrew Wasilewski - Company Secretary

Monika Wasilewska - Director

Ivan Lovegrove - Director

Mob: 07961 007351 E-mail:

Company No: 04723750

Correspondence Address: PO BOX 988, Naphill, High Wycombe, HP14 4ZN